Wellness Whirlpool

Hydrotherapy is the use of healing, that is, exploits the physical properties of water with particular reference to temperature and pressure producing various effects terapeutici.Strumento optimal for the hydrotherapy spa, whirlpools can combining the action of heat, the lack of weight (force of gravity) and massage creating an experience relaxing and therapeutic. The hot water pressure used nell’idromassagio can extend and relax the muscles, decreases the pressure of nerves and re-establishes a general movement favoring renewal of tissues.

In a spa mass of moving water keeps the body floating in the water, the pressure of joints is reduced, thus decreasing the pain from these areas. Whenever toil or exercise our muscles are created small tears in the muscle fibers and there is an increased level of lactic acid. These factors are mainly responsible for annoying muscle pain and articulate, often associated with the sport. The headaches, often due to the tension of the muscles of the neck and shoulders, is reduced considerably. The most effective way to encourage and direct regenerative processes and ensure health is to keep the circulatory system. The muscle relaxation induced dall’idromassaggio and the heat of a cause dilation of the blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow and reducing pressure. Increased blood flow involves great benefit to the cells of the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients and removing carbon dioxide and lactic acid.

Other important physiological changes are the constant release of endorphins (natural painkillers) and noradrenaline that fights the spiral of stress caused dall’adrenalina. Reducing stress you can rest more easily and sleep better: to induce a deep and restful sleep, many US experts recommend for those who suffer from insomnia to be immersed for 15 minutes in a spa at bedtime to letto.Una hydrotherapy session can be Recommended virtually anyone, because it means relaxation for the mind and body and allows you to store new energies.