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Residents:2 793
Altitude:222 m
Area:28,43 km²

The town in the north of the Lake is a popular summer resort whose bay is particularly favoured by windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts. Due to its perfect wind conditions Torbole is amongst the best surfing sites in Europe. On a windy afternoon uncountable colourful sails are dancing on the Lake. But even those, who do not want to do water sports get their money’s worth: Torbole is embedded in an impressive landscape. Already during the bendy drive into the hinterland spectacular views of the Lake surrounded by cliffs are revealed. The Monte Baldo massif is on your left and to the north rise the steep cliffs of the Trentino are rising. Mountainbikers, hikers and climbers have discovered these natural beauties for themselves.

Torbole Nago : Things to see

The enchanting location on the limestone hills at the northwestern tip of the Mount Baldo mountain range near the outlet of the Sarca River, the mild climate, the variety of the environment (from the lake to the tip of Mount Altissimo at 2,078 m), the possibility of excursions and walks in the surrounding area, the lakeside, the vicinity with the Rovereto train station and the Brenner highway exit (Lago di Garda – Nord) make Torbole and Nago two excellent tourist spots. Then there is the wind, which makes sailing and windsurfing possible all the time. The “Conca d’oro”, “Ptorbole della colonia pavese” and “Villa Cian” beaches are wide and well tended. There are also rock climbing paths, hiking and mountain biking trails, tennis courts, bocce courts, miniature golf, etc. Cities of art and castles are just a few kilometers away. A holiday at Torbole and Nago is ideal in any season and for all sorts of people. It is the perfect place for folks who love peace and quiet and people seeking adventure and entertainment.

Torbole Nago : Nago

Located behind Torbole towards S. Giovanni Pass, Nago has an interesting old city center with the 13th century San Vigilio Parish Church, the 18th century Baroque Trinità Church and the house of the poet Antonio Gazzoletti (1813-1866). In the lower part of the town facing the lake are the Austrian forts from 1860-62, which have been restored and are now used for tourism purposes.

Torbole Nago : S. Andrea Church in Torbole

First mentioned in a document of 1175, the church passed into the hands of the Cistercian Abbey of S. Lorenzo of Trento in 1183. Devastated by French troops in 1703, it was rebuilt in late baroque style and solemnly consecrated in 1839. The church has one nave and two lateral chapels. In the apse an interesting work of art by Veronese artist G. Cignaroli (1706-1770) portrays the martyrdom of S. Andrea.

Torbole Nago : Le Busatte

Just behind Torbole is a stupendous hilly area covered by evergreens that was once a bare ruin of fallen rocks. Several sports facilities have been built: two clay tennis courts, a volley ball court, a small soccer field, a bocce court, a roller skating rink and a fitness course. Nago can be reached by way of the Tenin road.

Torbole Nago : Santa Lucia Valley

In ancient days a Roman road, the only one linking the Adige valleys and the lake, passed through the valley. During the war with the Visconti family (1439), the Venetians traveled through here. Using wagons and the brute strength of men and oxen, they transported a fleet of 25 boats and 6 galleys. They started out from the Adriatic Sea, sailed up the Adige River to Ravazzone, sailed Lake Loppio, then arrived at Lake Garda. The Venetians defeated the Milanese troops on the lake before Ponale and took Riva by storm on May 5, 1440.

The Giants’ Kettles

These enormous limestone pits shaped by the glacier when it met up with rock were formed during the Wurm glaciation (130,000 -10,000 B.C.). Due to their special shape and great size, popular tradition has given them the name of the Giants’ Kettles. They are found along the road that links Nago to Bolognano d’Torbole and Torbole, and in the valley between Nago and the Sarca River.



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Stazione Rovereto: 20 km
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