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Common of Malcesine

Residents: 3.423
Altitude: 89 m
Area: 68,19 kmq
Province: Verona
CP: 37018


Malcesine on the north-eastern shore is probably the most popular resort on the Lake. The beautiful town with its narrow lanes, the small harbour as well as the pretty walkway along the Lake invite visitors to have a stroll. The Scaliger castle stands in solitary splendour on higher ground and offers a great view of the Lake. Malcesine was also the seat of the Veronese Captains of the Lake, whose palazzo today serves as the town hall. An even more superb view of the Lake and its surroundings are offered from Monte Baldo. A completely restored cable-car ascends the mountain. The station at the top end is 1800m above the Lake and an ideal starting point for hikes or mountainbike tours.

Malcesine : Things to see

Clustered around the foot of the castle and the “Captains’ Palace”, the old town with its small port, squares and streets filled with shops, bars and picturesque restaurants has a magical charm. With more than a hundred hotels, over three hundred apartments, numerous rooms to let, villas and twelve camping sites, Malcesine is one of the most elegant and well-equipped holiday resorts on the lake. The pleasant mild climate all year round permits walks and excursions in the hinterland and on Mount Baldo, which is known as the “Botanical Garden of Europe” due to its huge variety of plant species. The community covers about 68 square kilometers and also includes the towns of Cassone (3 km south, in the direction of Brenzone) and Navene (3 km north, in the direction of Torbole), an important location for sailing buffs and windsurf fans.

Malcesine : Scaliger Castle

The original fort was supposedly built by the Lombards. Destroyed in 590 and later rebuilt after the Hungarian invasions, the castle became part of the large estates of the bishops of Verona. Between 1277 and 1387 it belonged to the Della Scala family, and up until 1403 it was owned by the Visconti family. From 1405 to 1797 – apart from the decade starting in 1506 – it belonged to the Venetian Republic. The French owned the castle during the days of Napoleon. From 1798 to 1866 the Austrians took over the castle and also did extensive renovations. The castle was declared a national monument on August 22, 1902. Today it houses a small museum dedicated to the territory of Lake Garda and especially to the rocks, fossils, flora and fauna of the Mount Baldo area. A room dedicated to Goethe displays drawings that the poet sketched of the lake during his trip to Italy.

Malcesine : S. Benigno and Carlo Hermitage

The monastery is located in the San Zeno valley on the slopes of Mount Baldo where the two patron saints of Malcesine once lived in the second half of the 8th century. It is a destination for pilgrimages.

Malcesine : S. Stefano Parish Church

News of the church first emerged in the early 9th century. The church contains the altars of Saints Benigno and Carlo (1769), the altar of the “Sette Allegrezze” (Seven Joys) from 1771, a 15th century ciborium and an altar piece of the “Deposizione di Girolamo dai Libri” (1474-1555). The paintings of the presbytery are by Felice Boscarotti. The fourteen stations of the cross are noteworthy.

Malcesine : Monte Baldo Cable Car

An exciting 15 minute cable car ride links Malcesine to Tratto Spino (1778 m.). It is the point of departure for hikes and excursions in summer and for the ski slopes in winter. Chair lifts and ski lifts access over 11 km of ski runs that are of varying difficulty and cover a difference in height of 400 m.




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Caserma Carabinieri
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