Caneva Sport Acquaparadise



Indirizzo:Via Fossalta, 1 – Lazise
Tipologia:Parco acquatico
Contatti:Tel. 045 6969900



CanevaWorld a world of adventures!

Situated on the charming eastern shores of Lake Garda, in the borough of the ancient town of Lazise (pearl of the Republic of Venice as well as the seat of the Scaligeri Captains), the CanevaWorld Park enjoys, above all, a geographical position which is exceptional. On the Veronese shores of the biggest lake in Italy (52km long, 18 km wide at its widest point, 370 square km of surface area and 436m deep in parts), the Park is set in the foothills of the Monte Baldo Range; thus it has a splendid natural setting.
CanevaWorld has quick access to the most important communication routes: the north-south connection is through the Modena-Brennero autostrada (A22) with exits at Affi or Verona North. The East-West connection is made from the Milano-Venezia autostrada (A4) with exits at Peschiera or Sommacampagna. Also close by are the Verona airport of Catullo at Villafranca and the train station at Peschiera connected by a free bus ride to the Park. The symbiosis is perfect – a beautiful area which is easy to reach.

The jewel in the crown of CanevaWorld is surely Aquaparadise.
This complex offers a wide variety of attractions set in a well maintained and convivial scene.
Next to Aquaparadise you can find Medieval Times, a classic American style a dinner and show that holds up to 300 guests for each show and which, in the hot summer months, repeats each show 2 times every evening. To eat or drink, why not try the company of those that you can find in the Rock Star CafÃ, a bar that is completely unique in Italy, and with a museum attached dedicated to the Stars of Rock.
In the summer evenings you will also be able to see the Night Festival which is particularly for those who wish to spend some hours out doors listening to good music.

Useful information

Where is it: Via Fossalta 1, 37017 – Lazise – VR
Telephone: 045 6969900
Fax: 045 6969901
Size of the Park: 100.000 mq
Visitors per year: 350.000 c.ca per tutte le strutture
Official Web Site:www.canevaworld.it

Opening hours

From 12 May to 16 September  from 10.00 to 19.00

Medieval Times
From 13 April to 30 September
April evening show at 20.00
May evening show at 20.00, Saturdays  2 shows at 19.00 and 21.30
June  1 evening show at 20.00, Friday and Saturday 2 shows at 19.00 and 21.30
July and August  shows every night at 19.00 and 21.30
September  1 evening show at 20.00  Saturdays, 2 shows at 19.00 and 21.30

Rock Star CafÃ
Every evening from 19.00
July and August, generally, after 22.00