Thermal Baths of Catullo

A many-sided facility

Terme di Sirmione is a facility that combines spa centres with ultra-modern hotels, wellness centres, thermal products, certified quality, history and natural beauty.

At the beginning there was nothing but the water

Thermal water is the main element of spas. But that is not all it takes: the will and ingenuity of skilful men, love for the health of the population and the wish to fit in, harmoniously, with nature, all went into creating Terme di Sirmione. That is why, at Sirmione, it isn’t just the thermal water that is special.
Terme di Sirmione: thermal water at the service of health
Spa water is the best ally for preventing and treating the health: to this Terme di Sirmione has added medical research, technology and more than a hundred years of experience.

Science and professionalism

Terme di Sirmione offers not only the unique properties of its precious water, but also science applied to the best tools that technology can offer and the professionalism of its staff. To satisfy every requirement and to contribute to recovering and maintaining a good physical condition.

Suggested additional treatments

Terme di Sirmione proposes a series of treatments that can be followed in addition to normal therapeutic protocols.
Salute più (Health plus)
In order to obtain a more comprehensive clinical picture of the patient’s state of health during the thermal stay. It envisages:
  • A medical check-up on arrival;
  • Two specialist medical check-ups, to be chosen from the otorhinolaryngological, bronchopneumological or general sector;
  • All tests prescribed by the doctors at Terme di Sirmione to be performed at the thermal centres.

The Salute più program costs 160 euro. It is included in the price for those purchasing a 12 or 15-day thermal protocol.

Salute tutto l’anno (Health the whole year round)
In order to verify the efficacy of the therapies carried out, with the medical staff. It envisages:
  • A medical check-up on arrival;
  • Three medical check-ups to be carried out every 3 months.

The Salute tutto l’anno costs 160 euro. It is included in the price for those purchasing a 12 or 15-day thermal protocol.

La Società
Sede Amministrativa: Piazza Virgilio, 1 25019 Colombare di Sirmione (BS) 
Stabilimenti Termali

Virgilio: Piazza Virgilio, 2 25019 Colombare di Sirmione (BS)
Catullo: Via Punta Staffalo, 1  25019 Sirmione (BS)
Centro Benessere Termale
Aquaria: P.zza Don A. Piatti, 1 25019 Sirmione (BS)
Grand Hotel Terme: Viale Marconi, 7 25019 Sirmione (BS)
Hotel Sirmione: Piazza Castello, 19 25019 Sirmione (BS)
Hotel Fonte Boiola: Viale Marconi, 11 25019 Sirmione (BS)