Restaurants of Lake Garda

There are classy restaurants, home-style trattorias, rustic farm holiday establishments, and cozy wine bars: the type really does not matter because our choice (which is purely subjective) is exclusively based on the ability of these places to use the best raw materials offered in the region and be an expert in the local cuisine and the flavors of the coastal and inland areas.
Some establishments have a link to other pages and websites on our portal, where you’ll find detailed descriptions of the ambience, menu, wine list, and all the other information a gourmet needs to find the best local eateries.
Bon appetit!

Ristorante Al Caval – Torri del Benaco – tel. 045 7225083
Isidoro Consolini is one of the most creative chefs of the Riviera: his menu only features the best local ingredients.

Taverna Kus – San Zeno di Montagna – tel. 045 7285667
Giancarlo Zanolli has made Taverna Kus, which is on an old farmstead, the point of reference for good food on Mount Baldo.

Le Vele – Garda – tel. 045 7256381
This is an interesting place if you want sit on the lakefront boulevard of Garda and enjoy fresh water fish from the lake.

Vecchia Malcesine – Malcesine – tel. 045 7400469
Leandro Luppi has created a jewel next to the parish church: a small restaurant that seats thirty. The cuisine is creative and the restaurant received one Michelin star in 2005.

Gardesana – Torri del Benaco – tel. 045 7225411
The terrace of the 15th century Hotel Gardesana, located in the port of Torri, is the most romantic dinner spot on the lake.

Il Giardino delle Esperidi – Bardolino – tel. 045 6210477
This restaurant/wine bar, which looks like a pretty bonbon box, is in the old town center of Bardolino. Its tasty cuisine features local products and many wines.

Il Porticciolo – Lazise – tel. 045 7580254
Renato Azzi is one of the most faithful interpreters of recipes made with fresh water fish. His restaurant is on the northern section of the lakefront boulevard of Lazise.

Alla Fassa – Castelletto di Brenzone – tel. 045 7430319
This excellent lakefront restaurant specializes in fresh water fish. Roberto Brighenti is the head chef and Mario Zanolli is in charge of the dining room.

Taverna del Capitano – Porto di Brenzone – tel. 045 7420101
This rustic trattoria on the dock of the Brenzone Port offers a fresh water fish menu based on traditional recipes.

Pino Due – Garda – tel. 045 7255694
Fish prepared in very simple ways is served at this informal place with laid-back service and very reasonable prices.

Sole e Neve – Prada – tel. 045 7285693
The Sole e Neve farm holiday establishment, which is behind the Prada cableway station on Mount Baldo, offers delicious home-style cooking.

Trattoria Villa – Cavaion Veronese – tel. 045 7235426
This simple, popular country trattoria almost exclusively serves grilled and baked lamb.

Al Combattente – Peschiera del Garda – tel. 045 7550410
This small trattoria, which specializes in fresh water fish from the lake, is near the tourist port of Bergamini and serves simple, popular recipes.

Costabella – San Zeno di Montagna – tel. 045 7285046
The Costabella hotel, which faces the San Zeno di Montagna parish church, serves grilled meats and local seasonal cuisine.

Belvedere – Brenzone – tel. 045 7420055
This good, reasonably priced pizzeria also offers several simple, tasty home-style dishes.

Al Pescatore – Castelletto di Brenzone – tel. 045 7430702
Livio Parisi promotes Garda fishing traditions, and his small restaurant at the Castelletto port is known for its fish dishes.

Antica Locanda del Contrabbandiere – Pozzolengo – tel. 030 9916010
The carefully restored farmstead has four elegant rooms and a small restaurant with excellent local cuisine.

Osteria da Pietro – Castiglione delle Stiviere – tel. 0376 673718
In just a few years, Pietro Ferri has become a point of reference for the great cuisine of the Garda inland area. The restaurant received one Michelin star.

Esplanade – Desenzano del Garda – tel. 030 9143361
Delicious, creative interpretations of local cuisine can be found in the sophisticated menu of one of the top restaurants of Lake Garda. The restaurant received one Michelin star.

Belvedere da Marietta – Gardone Riviera – tel. 0365 20960
This restaurant with a great view of Gardone features home-made pasta, meat and lake fish on its menu.

Villa Fiordaliso – Gardone Riviera – tel. 0365 20158
In what is certainly the most elegant restaurant on Lake Garda, you’ll find creative cuisine and a few local dishes. The restaurant received a Michelin star.

La Tortuga – Gargnano – tel. 0365 71251
This elegant, cozy restaurant offers fish dishes prepared with flair and much, much more. The restaurant received a Michelin star.

Ristorante Hotel Montebaldo – Limone sul Garda – tel. 0365 954021
The restaurant, with a magnificent view of the lake and a panoramic terrace, is personally supervised by Mr. Usardi, who also owns the Gemma Restaurant, which has gained quite a following of loyal patrons due to its superb dishes made from the finest and freshest ingredients.

Ristorante Gemma – Limone sul Garda – tel. 0365 954014
Is a favorite of many regular patrons, thanks to its tasty grilled fish platters with salt water and fresh water varieties and its many first course dishes made with fresh homemade pasta.

Gato Borracho – Limone sul Garda – tel. 0365 914010
This is the place to spend the evening full of good music, great wine (even served by the glass), cheese and a few simple but interesting dishes.

Da Oscar – Lonato – tel. 030 9130409
This striking and very reliable restaurant in the inland area of Garda offers light, tasty local dishes.

Capriccio – Manerba del Garda – tel. 0365 551124
In this small, elegant restaurant in Montinelle, you’ll find intelligent, creative food that features local ingredients. The restaurant received a Michelin star.

Al Porto – Moniga del Garda – tel. 0365 502069
Wanda Perotti is absolutely one of the best chefs for fresh fish dishes, which she prepares with intelligence and creative originality.

Quintessenza – Moniga del Garda – tel. 0365 502116
This restaurant in the old town center of Moniga offers local cuisine prepared with innovative spirit.

Antica Trattoria Alle Rose – Salò – tel. 0365 43220
Gianni Briarava is one of the best innkeepers of Garda, and his family restaurant serves delicious local fare.

La Campagnola – Salò – tel. 0365 22153
Angelo Dal Bon is a chef who adores Garda and presents local dishes with elegant, well-balanced creativity. It is a warm, friendly place.

Melograno – Salò – tel. 0365 520421
Innovation applied to Garda tradition is the philosophy of this restaurant in Campoverde.

Osteria dell’Orologio – Salò – tel. 0365 290158
This young, informal restaurant on the main street of the old town center of Salò offers good local food and lots of different wines.

Restaurant , Spiaggia d’Oro – Salò, Barbarano – tel. 0365 290034
The menu features local specialties, seasonal fare and favorite dishes. Only the finest ingredients are used: white or red meats produced by the Fattoria Bagnolo farm.

Ristorante Il Bagnolo – Salò, località Bagnolo di Serniga – tel. 0365 21877
The delicious home-style cuisine specializes in traditional local dishes. Recipes feature the extraordinary white and red meats that the owners produce in the adjacent farm.

Aurora – Soiano del Lago – tel. 0365 674101
In this reliable restaurant in the inland area of Garda, you’ll find great food at reasonable prices. The menu features both fresh and salt-water fish.

Alla Lega – Arco – tel. 0464 516205
Simple traditional Trentino cuisine is served in this restaurant situated in a splendid antique palazzo in the old town center of Arco (a favorite spot with tourists).

Al Volt – Riva del Garda – tel. 0464 552570
The cuisine served in this elegant restaurant in the center of Riva del Garda is a creative interpretation of favorite local fare.

La Terrazza – Torbole – tel. 0464 506083
Ivo Miorelli is famous on Lake Garda for his fish dishes that are a combination of tradition with a dash of creativity.

Alla Borsa – Valeggio sul Mincio – tel. 045 7950093
Borsa is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Valeggio sul Mincio, and its tortellini are always great.

Belvedere – Valeggio sul Mincio – tel. 045 6301019
Here in Santa Lucia ai Monti, you can dine in the shade of the linden trees in the summer. The food is simple, reliable and very reasonable. The tortellini pasta is excellent.

Alla Passeggiata – Valeggio sul Mincio – tel. 045 7945009
In Salionze, just a short distance from the Mincio River, this popular, reasonably priced restaurant serves simple food that is always delicious. The tortellini pasta is excellent.

San Marco – Valeggio sul Mincio – tel. 045 7950018
The terrace is fascinating, overlooking the Mincio River and the Visconti bridge of Borghetto. The simple menu features fish and meat dishes.

Lepre – Valeggio sul Mincio – tel. 045 6370735
This reliable restaurant at the center of Valeggio serves tortellini and, among other things, dishes featuring hare. The desserts are excellent.

Locanda agli Angeli – Gardone Riviera – tel. 0365 20832
This lovely old inn, situated between the Vittoriale and the Botanical Garden of Gardone, serves delicious dishes.

Osteria del Boccondivino – Maderno – tel. 0365 642512
This inn on an out-of-the-way street of Maderno has great wines (excellent local assortment) and simple regional food.

Al Caciosalume – Sirmione – tel. 030 919331
This spot in Colombare di Sirmione is a favorite with people looking for an informal setting, and serves an assortment of salami, cheese, excellent wines, and local dishes.

Al Forte Alto – Nago – tel. 0464 505566
A restored Austrian fortress which sits in a panoramic spot is the location for this restaurant that specializes in fish and local dishes.

Roeno – Belluno Veronese – tel. 045 7230110
The Roeno farm holiday establishment in Valdadige, next to the winery with the same name, presents delicious local dishes at a very reasonable price.

Al Ponte – Belluno Veronese – tel. 045 7230109
If you’re in Valdadige, you won’t be disappointed by this restaurant, which offers hearty local dishes and a nice assortment of local wines.

Costasenel – Belluno Veronese- 045 7230137
This farm holiday establishment, which sits in a panoramic sport overlooking the Valdadige and is only open on the weekend, serves hearty dishes from the Atesina Valley.

Ristorante Due Laghi, Lago di Toblino : Padergnone- (+39) 0461 864198
Under the skillful direction of Chef Roberto, the Due Laghi restaurant preserves an ancient gastronomic tradition that presents typical dishes from Trentino and international fare, accompanied by excellent local and national wines.