Check-in: from 16.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m.

If you arrive earlier, you can leave your luggage at the reception and do the check in after 16,00 Clock. In the meantime you can use our swimming pool, sunbeds, parasols and a self-service with hot and cold drinks.

A outdoor toilet and changing room are at your disposal if you want to go swimming.

: not later than at 20.00 clock on the day before your departure,
from 8:00 to 10.00
After our control of your apartment and after having verified the good condition , your deposit will be refunded. We remind you that it’s up to you to leave the badge at the reception. Otherwise the amount of € 20.00 that you paid on your arrival will not be refunded.

Sleep: has to be respected starting from 11 p.m. We ask you not to disturb. If you want to sit up late on the terrace or your private balcony, you need to quiet down and behave appropriately.
Whirlpool: The hot tub can only be used by guests who have booked with the charge “all inclusive”. Each unit can do 45 minutes a day of spa use.
You can use it for your skin or put it into the water.  It is absolutely forbidden to use other bath products. It’s compulsory to take a shower before enter the whirlpool. Children should always be with an adult. Should they use the whirlpool unsupervised and have an inappropriate behavior, the spa use will be forbidden during their stay.

Swimming pool: opening times from 9 a.m. 9 p.m. During these times the pool may be freely used by all guests. Outside the opening times it is forbidden to use the pool. It is mandatory to take a shower before bathing. The gravel area is reserved for smokers.

Cleaning the patio and preservation of common areas: You are responsible for your patio. On Gardalake weather changes often and the wind blows. That’s why we ask you to close the umbrellas and take personal belongings in the apartment before leaving the residence.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your patio will be cleaned and kept in order. It is forbidden to leave shoes, mattresses, toys and other objects in communal areas and on the terrace of other guests.
Change of linen and towels: The guests can ask a change. It will cost € 9.50/ person. All guests can ask for a bathrobe (€ 8,00 / person).
The towel is included in the tariff “all inclusive”. If necessary, the customers can ask for a change (€ 9,50 / person per stay).
Cleaning: In the “all inclusive” rate a weekly cleaning is included. If you’d like, you can request a cleaning for € 20.00.

Finale cleaning: it is obligatory and is done by the guest. There is the possibility to charge our staff (price € 55.00).
Your pets and their behavior: Your pets are welcome. The corresponding price will be charged separately (€ 5,00 / day cash upon your arrival). It is strictly forbidden to leave dogs or other animals unattended in the apartments. In the park, the pets must be kept on a leash. The residence is a public place and all persons must be treated with respect. We therefore ask you to pick feces of your pets. If guests don’t  want do the cleaning themselves final cleaning for apartments where pets are accustomed costs € 65,00 I instead of € 55.00.

Waste: at your arrival you will receive disposal for cleaning up waste  in special containers. Waste must be separated into plastic bottles and containers, glass, paper, compost and other wastes.