Olive Oils and Wine Cellars


On the picturesque hills round Lake Garda numerous wine-growing areas are situated. To explore the wine regions of Lake Garda in all their variety we recommend excursions along the wine routes which, past numerous wine producers, lead you through all the cultivated areas.That part of the Lake Garda region which lies in the province of Brescia is characterized by high mountains, soft hills, medieval villages and active small towns, extensive beaches and picturesque small ports.In this varied region – which stretches from Limone to Sirmione and from the Lake to its hinterland – you can explore numerous sights and discover beautiful landscapes. The sports possibilities are just as manifold as the cultural offers, and the culinary delights leave nothing to be desired. The fertile countryside brings forth excellent wines, olive oil, truffles, cheese and fish. All of this is typical for the province of Brescia.The group “Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda” has dedicated itself to promote these culinary delights. Up to 80 wine growers, olive oil mills, agriturismi, hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions and shops in the region of Lake Garda are organized in this group. Their aim is to make your holiday in the region of Garda Bresciano as enjoyable as possible. The group has worked out several tours to explore the area. All members are committed to a very high standard of quality.

Wine growers:

Azienda Agricola La TorreAzienda Agricola La Torre di Enologo Attilio Pasini & C.s.s
Via Torre, 3
Mocasina di Calvagese
Tel. 0039- 030-601034

Fax 0039-030-6800791  

The Farm “La Torre” is located nearby an ancient tower which stands guard over the river Chiese . It is constituted by two buildings; the farm house and the manor house, dating respectively from the 17th and 18th centuries. The frontal gallery, which looks to be an old convent, has become the symbol of the winery and it appears as trade mark on the labels. Although it is not a big firm the surface of the farm covers more than 23 hectares of land.Three generations of owners increased and took care of wine production, and are able now to obtain excellent wines which have shown to be more and more appreciated by both consumers and experts.It is very easy to reach the winery from Desenzano or Brescia (respectively 15 and 20 km). Getting to the village of Bedizzole just take the direction for Mocasina up on the hill. You will side some of the vineyards of “La Torre” and finally reach the winery in the village of Mocasina. The farm stands 180 meters on sea level and offers a beautiful view over the river Chiese and the surrounding woody hills.The vineyards and a small olive-grove mainly lay around the building ,in stony soils and slopes which enjoy long hours of sunlight. They are carefully cultivated with respect to pure country traditions which together with the application of modern pruning techniques (a low bud load and a high vine density) allow us to obtain grapes of the best quality.

The farm also cares for its precious environment, and is therefore using low impact products against cryptogams dangers.

For wine-making we use traditional methods together with modern technology. After the appropriate processing in our crushing room the wine comes to maturity in old and sombre cellars, under ideal conditions for this delicate phase.

A special room with vaulted ceilings has been created for guest reception, entertainment and tasting, where we will be pleased to present the best of “La Torre” Garda Classico D.O.C. wine production.

Azienda Agricola ZulianiVia Tito Speri, 28
25080  Padenghe del Garda
Tel: 0039-030-9907026

Fax: 0039-030-9900400  

The agricultural company Zuliani is one of the most traditional families of the Valtenesi and its roots go back until 741 a.Chr. Nowadays, Zuliani presents itself as a modern winery which is well known for ist high quality products.The passion of many centuries, combined with modern tecnique and science, have turned the agricultural company Zuliani into a competitive winery on the international market. Various awards from the most important national competitions confirm this.The winery Zuliani produces the typical wines of the Garda Classico, all provided with the D.O.C. quality seal. Besides this vast range of red-, white-, and rose wines, visitors will also find sparkling wine, olive oil, grappa, honey and various other homemade products that can all be tasted and bought during a visit to the winery.On request, wine tastings for up to 40 participants can be prepared.

Azienda Agricola DelaiVia Aldo Moro, 10
25080 Puegnago sul Garda (BS)

Tel. + Fax: 0039-0365-555527  

The azienda agricola Delai is situated on the picturesque, sunny morainic hills of the Valtenesi, close to the small town of Puegnago sul Garda. Since several generations, the family Delai produces wine and olive oil. This year long experience, combined with tradition and modern technologies are the guarantee for a vast range of high quality products.The typical grapes used for the wines produced in this area are called Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera – all classical vines of the Valtenesi. Out of this grapes, different full bodied red wines as well as fresh and fruity rose wines are produced. But also the famous Lugana white wine is part of the product range of this winery.

During a visit on the winery, all products can be tasted and the wine cellar can be visited. On request, there is also the possibility to learn some details about the wine- and olive oil production

Oil mill:

Azienda Agricola Manestrini
Via Avanzi Nr. 11
25080 Soiano del Lago (BS)
Tel.  0039-0365-502231

Fax. 0039-0365-502888   

The Azienda Agricola Manestrini is situated at the peak of an olive grove hill that dominates the south-western shoreline of lake Garda, in the small village of Soiano, between Desenzano and Manerba.Since 1960 the familiy run oil mill Manestrini is producing excellent olive oil which is known all over the world. Today the traditionell oil mill of once is a modern and technological company. The family Manestrini offers the possibility to visit the oil mill and take part in an olive oil tasting.At the “L.A. County Fair” of Los Angeles in 2005  the Manestrini’s “olio extra vergine di oliva DOP Garda Bresciano” won the gold medal, in 2003, 2004 and 2006 the silver medal.Besides olive oil other products preserved in oil are on offer, such as vegetable pies, vegetable spreads and sauces, pickled vegetables and olive pate.

Opening times:
Monday till Saturday 9.00 -12.00 a.m  / 15.00 – 18.00 p.m.
Groups by arrangement.

Wine country

Veronese soil is rich in mineral content, permeable, well-irrigated and is therefore ideal for the cultivation of the vine whose green leaves cover the gentle sun-lit slopes of Verona’s hills. The Veneto, with its 24 D.O.C. wines is at the top of the Italian Wine- producer’s list. In order to promote and guarantee the quality of these wines a number of consortiums operate in this sector – they are: the Bardolino, Bianco di Custoza, Garda (for the lake region); the Valpolicella, Soave, Valdadige; Terradei forti Consortiums for the northern district of Verona; the Lessini Durello in Lessinia and the Arcole Consortium in the plain district – nine consortiums which have the official D.O.C. seal of approval.
These wine producing areas take the tourist on a journey, not only through this land’s culinary traditions (during its wine fests, in its inns, wine-bars, restaurants) but also through its art and cultural heritage.
Look for the cellars and explore the wine-country of Verona!
Here is a list of some of Verona’s top wines:The “Valpolicella”
legend has it that name “Valpolicella” is derived from the words “valle” “poli” and “cellae” meaning “valley of many cellars”. The northern area of Verona’s Province stretching from east to west is traditional wine-producing country. The term “classico” is exclusively applied to wines produced in the oldest wine-producing areas of Negrar, Fumane, Marano, Sant’Ambrogio and San Pietro in Cariano. It has a delicate and winy bouquet reminiscent of bitter almond.The “Recioto”
the name of this wine is derived from “rece”, or protruding part of the bunch of grapes (that which was more exposed to sunlight) were used to produce it. For this wine the same grapes are allowed to dry slightly (to reach an alcohol content of not less than 12°) before being pressed. It has a deep ruby-red colour and its flavour is rich and full-bodied. The ideal accompaniment to fine dessert.The “Amarone”
this wine was originally a sweet wine and has now been transformed in an “amarone”. The prolonged fermentation process makes it a dry wine; it’s ruby-red in colour and has a spicy bouquet. It’s alcoholic content is 14° (minimum) and it maintains its characteristics for 10 – 20 years. It is the perfect accompaniment to dishes based on game and mature cheeses. The Amarone is made out of the following grape varieties – Corvina Veronese 40-70%, Rondinella 20-40%, Molinara 5-25%. Rossignola, Negrara and San Giovese grapes can also be used, but not more than 15% of the total amount of grapes pressed.
http://www.pagusvalpolicella.net/  WIne tour&excursions
http://www.consorziovalpolicella.it/The “Bardolino”
there are various kinds of Bardolino wine – the classico, chiaretto, Novello and superiore, all of which are the perfect accompaniment to any dish. It is best served straight from the cellar at 15-16°C. The label features the smiling face of San Zeno, Verona’s dark-skinned Patron Saint. It was St. Zeno who described, in great detail, how to cultivate grapes in order to obtain the best wine. Bardolino D.O.C. wines are producted in the Costermano and Affi areas. The soil is morainic and is, in part, composed of the deposits caused by river and glacial erosion. The wine is produced using the following grapes varieties: Corvina 35-65%, Rondinella 10-40%, Molinara 10-20% and Negrara types up to 10%.
http://www.winebardolino.it/The White Wine (Bianco) of Custoza
this wine is light yellow in colour, has a winy, slightly aromatic bouquet and a delicate taste with a hint of bitterness. It’s alcoholic content is 11° (minimum) and is excellent as an aperitif but also as an accompaniment to any dish. It is often accompanied by starters, main courses (tortellini, fish, boiled meat, roasts, grilled chops and vegetables) and also with desserts of all kinds. There is also a sparkling version of Custoza wine. This wine comes from the Sommacampagna, Villafranca, Valeggio sul Mincio, Peschiera del Garda as well as part of the Castelnuovo del Garda, Sona, Bussolengo, Pastrengo and Lazise areas. The soil is mainly morainic and it grows in areas with a mild climate and moderate rainfall.
http://www.stradadelcustoza.com/The “Lugana”
the Veneto, along with Lombardy, is also producer of the Lugana D.O.C. white wine made from Trebbiano grapes in Lugana in the borough of Sirmione (just over the Veneto/Lombardy border).The “Lessini Durello”
There are sparkling white wines produced on the hills between Verona and Vicenza, the Monti Lessini. The areas which produce these wines are Vestenanova, San Giovanni Ilarione, Montecchia di Crosara, Roncà, Cazzano di Tramigna, Tregnago and Badia Calavena. This indigenous variety of grapes have been cultivated here since prehistoric times. These wines are fresh, vivacious, dry and slightly acid and are ideal as aperitifs. They are ideal when served with fish from the sea or lagoon: with baccalà, fried shell-fish, omelettes and soups with herbs and asparagus.
http://www.montilessini.com/The “Valdadige and Terradeiforti”
These wines are produced along the corse of the River Adige, in veronese areas at the boundaries with Trentino. The fluvial area of the Adige, shaped by the action of glaciers and whose sands contain porfidic and granitic rocks, gives this soil its particular characteristics. The “Terra dei Forti” or “fort district” was also shaped by the action of glaciers and the River Adige in the quaternarian era. The Adige flows from Chiusa di Ceraino and widens northwards as it flows through the flanks of Monte Baldo and Lessinia. Rivoli Veronese, Dolcè, Brentino Belluno and Avio are situated here. The wines of the area, with their delicate bouquet, are produced in a landscape dotted with castles and forts lining an important historical trade route linking the Mediterranean with the Alps since Roman times. The most important local variety of grape is the “Enantio” mentioned by the Roman historian Pliny as far back as the 1st century A.D. It is particularly resistant to cold climates and parasites as well as being ruby-red in colour and with a particularly penetrating fruity bouquet. It is best served with venison, grilled meat, the typical “pastisada de caval” and with nature cheeses like Monte Veronaese Dop.

The “Pinot Grigio”
A fine, golden, elegant wine, which when still young has a fruity, nut/pear flavour and when mature a toasted almonds taste. It is perfect when served with Rivoli white asparagus , boiled eggs or with risotto. You can also serve it with ham, ragout, white meats and fish.

The “Soave”
This wine is produced in the eastern section of the hill area comprising thirteen boroughs stretchin from Soave to Monteforte d’Alpone, all of whose vineyards have the “classico” denomination. Soave D.O.C. wines are obtained from Garganega grapes (not less than 70% of the amount of grapes using) Merlot 30% of the total can be comprised of white grapes like the Trebbiano di Soave, Pinot bianco and Chardonnay. It is straw-yellow in colour with hint of green and has a violet (at times a hawthorn and elder) bouquet. It also has a dry, slightly bitter almond taste. The most prized wines are the Recioto di Soave, the Soave superiore (Dogc), the Doc Soave, soave classico spumante and Soave Colli Scaligeri.

The “Arcole”

produced in the area between Verona and Vicenza, so called “sand-wine” area. Due to the flooding of the Adige, the alluvial deposits of sand and clay, give these wines their particular flavour. The most widely known wines are Arcole Garganega, Arcole Rosso and Arcole Novello.


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Olive oil from Lake Garda

Thanks to its mild climate olives have been grown at Lake Garda and oil has been produced since Roman times. A comprehensive insight into the production of olive oil can be gained by visiting one of the oil mills. On a visit you can walk in the olive groves, visit the oil mills and sample as well as buy a huge selection of oils.

Verona’s province produces a top-quality olive oil particularly rich in taste. Olives are cultivated all over the Veronese hills stretching from Lake Garda to Valpolicella, from hills north of Verona to the Valpantena and right up to the valleys of Mezzane, Illsai and Tregnago. The tradition of olive-growing dates back the time of the Romans.Here are the characteristics of Valpolicella Olive Oil: it has a deep greenish-gold colour (due to its high chlorophyll content), a delicate scent which leaves a fresh, grassy after-taste behind the palate, along with a slightly bitter, lemony taste on the tongue. It is ideal for any kind of dish, although it is best served uncooked: just a small amount enhances the flavour of you dishes. Its characteristics remain intact when it is heated at high temperatures which makes it ideal also for frying.The D.O.P. Garda Olive Oil has low acid content, is green-gold in colour due its chlorophyll content and has a delicate scent and slightly fruity flavour. Its bouquet ranges from freshly-picked olive taste to an apple and walnut flavour. What makes Garda oil unique is that comes from groves situated on the world’s northernmost latitude (for olive cultivation, of course!). The Garda’s geographical location and “microclimate” protect the olives from the typical parasites and diseases which afflict olive trees in warmer climates.Olive presses and producers of oil. For further information on the above
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Visit the museums:
The Olive Oil Museum at Cisano
The section dedicated to the olive at Torri’s Scaligero CastleTaste the oil:
By the olive presses of Garda and environs or during the Olive and Olive Oil Fest in Torri del Benaco
Tel +39 045 6205888
And why not? Relax you with: The special Oil Massage in the hotel’s Beauty Centres

Olive Oil Museum – Cisano del Garda Oil Mill

The Museum

Museo dell’Olio – Oleifico Cisano del Garda

The Olive Oil Museum at Cisano of Bardolino, near Lake Garda, was established by the Cisano del Garda Oil Mill, which has been operating since 1936. The museum’s most important exhibits are an ancient olive-press with a lever, grindstones, screw presses and the reconstruction of a 19th-century hydraulic press.
The museum includes three rooms, in two of which are original machines, made almost entirely of wood. Here is located the aforementioned imposing olive-press with a lever, which has an ingenious loading and unloading system with yoke, and moved by screws, which cuts down considerably on human input. Of interest are the numerous screw-presses of various types and sizes. In addition, the first manual iron presses are presented, which were constructed after the model of the wooden screw-press but with different step. Even a classic press of modern type, but with manually operated pump, is exhibited. In the same room are a centrifugal separator from the 1930s and various containers used to store the final product (among them the characteristic stone jars of the Garda-Verona region).
Exhibited in the third room are equipment used in the olive-pressing installation, as well as various samples of tableware and oil lamps. These are witnesses to the history of Mediterranean man, who managed to apply his imagination and taste to domestic objects used on a daily basis, since he used olive oil not only in cooking and cosmetics, but also as a means of lighting. Charts and explanatory tables on global olive cultivation, as well as an audiovisual installation describing the various phases of harvesting and processing the olive complete the exhibition.



Via Trevisago, 19 25080 Manerba del Garda Bs
tel 0365-551013 fax 0365-551013
info@avanzi.net www.avanzi.net

Az. Agr. Averoldi Francesco
Via Cantrina, 1
25081 Bedizzole (Bs)
Tel e Fax 030-674451
www.averoldifrancesco.it averoldifrancesco@virgilio.it

Az. Agr. Bertini Franco
Via Panoramica, 9
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551601

Az. Agr. Bignotti Cristina
Via Cavallino, 10
25080 Muscoline (Bs)

Az. Agr. Bocchio Pietro
Via dei Colli, 92
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)

Az. Agr. Boschetti Pietro Francesco e C.
Via Santa Giulia, 16
25017 Lonato (Bs)
Tel. 030-9907440

Az. Agr. Cantrina
Via Colombera, 725081 Bedizzole Bs
tel030-6871052 Fax 030-6876826
info@cantrina.it www.cantrina.it

Az. Agr. Cascina La Pertica
Via Rosario, 44 25080 Polpenazze del Garda Bs
tel 0365-651471 fax 0365-651991

Az. Agr. Comincioli
Via Roma, 10 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel 0365-651141 fax 0365-651141
info@comincioli.it www.comincioli.it

Az. Agr. Delai di Delai Sergio e G ss
Via Aldo Moro, 1
25080 Puegnago sul Garda
Tel e Fax 0365-555527
www.delaisergio.it info@delaisergio.it

Az. Agr. Due Pini di Coccoli Ermanno & C.
Via Novaglio, 16
25080 Polpenazze del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-675123

Az. Agr. Fioralba
Via S. Scolastica, 29
25018 Montichiari (Bs)

Az. Agr. Gaetarelli Gianpietro
Via del Monte, 1
25087 Salò (Bs)
Tel. 0365-520246

Az. Agr. Gasparini Antonio
Via V. Veneto, 20
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-552395

Az. Agr. Il Roccolo
Via Zanardelli, 49 25080 Polpenazze del Garda Bs
tel 0365-674163 fax 0365-674163

Az. Agr. L’ Ulif Biologica dal 1989
Via Montezalto, 14
25080 Polpenazze del Garda Bs
tel 0365-674969 fax0365-674969
mail@lulif.it www.lulif.it

Az. Agr. La Basia
Via Predefitte, 31 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel 0365-555958/02-4989065 fax0365-555958 /02-4989065
info@labasia.it www.labasia.it

Az. Agr. La Guarda
Via Zanardelli, 49 25080 Castrezzone di Muscoline Bs
tel 0365-372948 Fax0365-372948
info@laguarda.com www.laguarda.com

Az. Agr. La Torre
Loc. Torre 25080 Calvagese Riviera Bs
TEL 030-601034 Tel 030-6800791
info@pasini-latorre.com www.pasini-latorre.com

Az. Agr. Le Gaine
Via Gaine, 13 25081 Bedizzole Bs
tel 030-674038 Fax 030-674038
info@legaine.it www.legaine.it

Az. Agr. Le Quadrelle
Via Belvedere, 39
25080 Calvagese Riviera (Bs)
Tel. 030-601440 Fax 030-601254

Az. Agr. Leali Francesco
Via Zanardelli, 38
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-552962

Az. Agr. Masserino
Via Masserino, 2 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel 0365-651757 fax 0365-651757
aziendaagricola@masserino.it www.masserino.it

Az. Agr. Mattiotti Emilio
Via D. Alighieri, 4
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551673

Az. Agr. Milan Bordignon Mariano
Via dei Colli Storici, 106 25015 Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030-9910145 Fax 030-9910145

Az. Agr. Monte Cicogna
Via delle Vigne, 6 25080 Moniga del Garda Bs
tel 0365-503200 fax0365-503200
montecicogna@tin.it www.montecicogna.it

Az. Agr. Ortelli Renato
Loc. Belvedere Baresani
25015 Desenzano del Garda (bs)
Tel. 030-9120204

Az. Agr. Papa Stefano
Via Rovetta, 9
25080 Padenghe sul Garda (Bs)
Tel. 339-6632723

Az. Agr. Pellizzari di San Girolamo
Via San Girolamo 25015 Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030-910352

Az. Agr. Pietta Stefano e Renato
Via Belvedere, 55 25080 Muscoline Bs
tel 0365-32143 fax 0365-32143

Az. Agr. Pirlo Giovanni Battista
Via Garibaldi, 12
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551966

Az. Agr. Pratello
Via Pratello, 26 25080 Padenghe sul Garda Bs
tel 030-9907005 fax030-9908939
info@pratello.com www.pratello.com

Az. Agr. Provenza
Via Colli Storici 25015 Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030-9910006 fax 030-9910014
info@provenza.net www.provenzacantine.it

Az. Agr. Rosini di Zerbio Pietro e Mario
Via Colli Storici, 154 25010 Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030-9141306 fax 030-9141306

Az. Agr. San Giovanni
Via Videlle, 2 25080 Raffa di Puegnago Bs
tel 0365-651419 fax0365-555081
info@pasiniproduttori.com www.pasiniproduttori.com

Az. Agr. Sandrini Daniele
Via Case Sparse Perlino, 11
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551184

Az. Agr. Sandrini Fabio
Via G. D’Annunzio, 4
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-5551600

Az. Agr. Sandrini Marino
Via G. D’Annunzio, 6
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)

Az. Agr. Seriati di Sponda Lucillo e Figlis.s.
Via Seriati, 1/2 25010 Pozzolengo Bs
tel 030-919380 fax030-91938

Az. Agr. Spia d’ Italia
Via M. Cerutti, 61 25017 Lonato Bs
tel 030-9130233 fax 030-9139877
info@spiaditalia.it www.spiaditalia.it

Az. Agr. Zuliani Emilio
Via Tito Speri, 28 25080 Padenghe sul Garda Bs
tel 030-9907026 fax030-9900400
info@vinizuliani.it www.vinizuliani.it
Az. Agrt. Sandrini Delia
Via G. D’Annunzio
25080 Manerba del Garda (Bs)
Tel. 0365-551646

Az. Vinicola Bottarelli
via Monte Suello, 14 25080 Picedo di Polpenazze Bs
tel 0365-675001 fax 0365-674059
info@agricolabottarelli.com www.agricolabottarelli.com

Az.Agr. Cobue
Via Salvio, 7 20146 Milano Mi
tel & fax 02-4817266
info@cobue.it www.cobue.it

Az.Agr. I Lecci di Bianchi Antonio
Via S. Pietro 5 25080 Polpenazze del Garda Bs
tel 0365-674507 fax 0365-674507

Via della Costa, 1/a 25080 Moniga del Garda Bs
tel 0365-502010 fax 0365-502675
info@costaripa.it www.costaripa.it

Az.Agr.Le Chiusure
Via Boschette, 2 25010 San Felice del Benaco Bs
tel 0365-626243 fax 0365-626243
info@lechiusure.net www.lechiusure.net

Azienda Vitivinicola Redaelli de Zinis
Via Ugo de Zinis, 10 25080 Calvagese Riviera Bs
tel 030-601001 Fax030-6800840
info@dezinis.it www.dezinis.it

Cantina Franzosi
Via XXV Aprile, 6 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel 0365-651380 fax0365-651380
info@cantinefranzosi.it www.cantinefranzosi.it

Cantina Marangona-La Carega delle sorelle Smorlesi s.s
Antica Corte Ialidy 25010 Pozzolengo Bs
tel 030-919379 fax 030-9904439

Cantina Marsadri
Via Nazionale, 26 25080 Raffa di Puegnago Bs
tel0365-651005 fax0365-560576
info@cantinamarsadri.it www.cantinamarsadri.it

Cantine Berardi
Via Brescia, 83 25080
Molinetto di Mazzano Bs
tel 030-2620152 fax 030-2120252
berardi@viniberardi.it www.viniberardi.it

Cantine Scolari
Via nazionale, 38 25080
Raffa di Puegnago Bs
fax 0365-651002 tel 0365-554077

Cantine Turina
Via Pergola, 68 25080 Moniga del Garda Bs
tel 0365-502103 fax0365-502103
info@turinavini.it www.turinavini.it

Cantine Zerbio Pietro e Figli snc
Via T. dal Molin 100 25015 Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030/9141304 fax 030/9141306

Civielle-Cantine della Valtenesi e della Lugana
Via Pergola, 21 25080 Moniga del Garda Bs
tel 0365-502002 fax 0365-5033424
info@civielle.com www.civielle.com

Fattoria Cà Granda
Via San Vincenzo, 30 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel 0365-651023 fax 0365-651023

Le Videlle
Via P. Bonomi, 1 25080 Puegnago sul Garda Bs
tel0365-651016 fax0365-651016

Novelli Giuseppe e C. Snc
Via Palazzo, 4 25010 San Felice del Benaco Bs
tel 0365-559000 fax 0365-559309

Pasini Giuseppe & Maurizio
Via S. Tommaso, 9 25081 Bedizzole Bs
tel030-674345 Fax 030-674345
anticacorteaironchi@virgilio.it www.pasini-anticacorte.it

Selva Capuzza – Colli a Lago
Cascina Capuzza
25010 San Martino della Battaglia (Bs)
tel – fax 030 9910381

Taver di bocchio Giuseppe
Via Matteotti, 10 25080 Manerba del Garda Bs
tel 0365-551607 fax 0365-551607

Visconti Cantine del Garda
Via C. Battisti, 139 25015
Desenzano del Garda Bs
tel 030-9120681 fax 030-9911282
vino@luganavisconti.it www.luganavisconti.it